You Invent.

You Innovate.

We Fuse.

"We're a multidisciplinary team of web professionals building cohesive, effective web solutions."

You Invent.

“There's a way to do it better - find it.” – Thomas Edison

You Innovate.

“Original, revolutionary ideas will always rise to the top.” – Richard Branson

We Fuse.

"Capture their interest the first time" – Weblamb


“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” – Albert Einstein

Web Design

We indulge creativity and sophistication

Digital Branding

Strong branding. We build longevity.

WordPress CMS

Robust web publishing CMS implementation


Search Engine Optimization strategy and implementation


From Nobel prizes around the blue LED to innovation around the gluten-free cupcake, the world is full of change-agents doing good. Our role in this ever-changing landscape is to Fuse technology between dimensions, to ensure that great ideas see the light of day in the age of the Internet. Lets face it, it is busy out there. So we love to break the mold, right alongside our clients. We deliver responsive website frameworks, strong brand campaigns, beautiful design work and  glue-worthy SEO. You know the kind that ranks you at the top of your game? We are Lambs. We are instinctual creatures.


Our practice is designed to effectively blend the creative, technical, and psychological disciplines in a seamless manner while successfully supporting the underlying business objectives. We offer a collaborative service based on research, creative brainstorming, and an effective marketing strategy.


+ 1 – Our process begins with a set of exercises geared towards developing a thorough understanding of your business and your target clientele.

+ 2 – We define the architecture and layout for optimal user experience across multiple platforms and devices.

+ 3 – During the ideation phase, creative brainstorming takes place and a set of sophisticated design solutions are created.

+ 4 – The technical team program and configure the website prototype according to the design specs.

+ 5 – Website prototype is tested, reviewed, and approved


San Francisco Web Design

We believe that every marketing endeavor begins with a sophisticated web design. We design and develop beautiful web solutions, and seamlessly integrate them with strategic technology and unparalleled SEO. We deliver these smart, extensible solutions to our clients, keeping them above the fold in the ever-increasing competitive online marketplace.

WordPress Experts

We guide our clients through WordPress themes, plugins and best practices. Robustly testing each theme and plugin in our repertoire enables us to provide our clients with reliable and secure solutions. Our comprehensive model embraces the integration of brilliant design and strategic web technology.

UI/UX Design

We specialize in user interface and user experience design, embracing the latest in technology standards for smart phones and tablets. Our strategy is simple and elegant. Our solutions foster positive user interactions and promote ease of use.

Ecommerce Design

Our experienced team of ecommerce consultants design solutions that are simple and effortless for each customer. From Magento to WooCommerce, we have built successful ecommerce sites using proven methodologies that help businesses unlock the full power of the latest in online shopping cart software.


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