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Our strategy is simple. Provide the best quality service from each discipline, fusing layers of creative brilliance and expertise. Each of our web professionals is a master of his or her discipline. Together we build incredible, effective web solutions. We are creative innovators. We foster change and growth. We operate comfortably on the frontier of rapid technology development.

Our Beginning.

The company was founded at Stanford University by Jennie Lambert and a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds including graphic design, computer science, psychology, and cognitive neuroscience.

Jennie Lambert | Founder / CEO

Jennie LambertJennie is skilled in UX design, digital marketing and programming. She began her professional career as a Stanford-trained cognitive scientist before she decided to pursue entrepreneurship. Jennie earned her degree in cognitive neuroscience psychology from UC Davis and has conducted numerous high-profile fMRI brain and psychophysiological experiments at Stanford and Harvard University. She possesses a rare combination of creativity and technical prowess. By integrating her background in cognitive psychology with her keen design eye and high aptitude for rapid technology development, Jennie creates web solutions that ultimately result in healthy business growth. Jennie loves to design, code, and work alongside budding companies as they transform into larger enterprises.

David Michaeloff | Developer / CTO

David Head ShotDavid is a Full-stack engineer with over 20 years of experience as a software and web developer. In addition to main development activities, he can provide unique touches such as animations, product videos, etc. David enjoys interacting with customers to meet their needs.

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