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About Weblamb

Logic dictates most of our lives, and as surprising (and surprisingly simple) as this might sound, when we visit a website our minds make a series of decisions and judgements that affect the actions we take. This singular ability to reason enables us to form opinions, reach conclusions and make important decisions. If, on the web, we were unable to act on the spot and make decisions, we would inevitably be trapped in an endless labyrinth of mindless clicking. When people browse the web, looking through pages and pages of information, they typically commit less than 10% to memory (and only 1% if they are looking for a key phrase or definition). Consequently identifying helpful ways in which to present your information and make it first in mind is paramount in making a website (and its content) memorable.

Weblamb integrates these principles of psychology to deliver memorable web solutions that set our clients above their competition. From theme configuration to custom WordPress design and development, we build sophisticated websites and seamlessly integrate them with cutting-edge SEO and web marketing technology. As WordPress experts, we deliver extensible technology and work with our clients in updating and managing their content, keeping them above the curve in the competitive, dynamic online marketplace.

Company Background

Weblamb was founded at Stanford University by Jennie Lambert. Our team of web marketing and web design professionals come from various backgrounds including Internet technology, graphic design, and cognitive neuroscience.

All of our services are exclusively produced in the USA


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